What do I need to create a Glittertattoo?

1. Chloïs Body Glue, a skin-friendly adhesive which is specially designed for putting on glittertattoos. (So ​​you can not use a normal hobby glue)
2. Chloïs Glitter. These are glitter for cosmetic use, they come in different varieties and colors, choose the colors you like.
3. Chloïs Glitter Tattoo templates which are meant for use on skin. If you can draw or design yourself well you can also create a freehand tattoo, in which case you will not need a template. However, for most of us is the use of a template much easier, faster and more beautiful.
4. Chloïs brushset for neatly arranging the glitter and removing the excess glitter that aren't stuck to the tattoo glue.


What do I need for an Ink Tattoo?

1. Chloïs Brush on Tattoo Ink, this is a skin-friendly tattooink which is specially designed for putting on ink tattoos.
2. Chloïs Glitter Tattoo templates which are meant for use on skin. If you can draw or design yourself well you can also create a freehand tattoo, in which case you will not need a template. However, for most of us is the use of a template much easier, faster and more beautiful.

You can use a template multiple times?

* In principle, the template for single use. Templates without too many small details can be used more often, but if you use it more often, its quality deteriorates. It is also associated with the cleanliness, not recommended for use by persons other than yourself.

Should I always use a template as I want to make a Glitter Tattoo or Ink Tattoo?

* It is not always necessary. If you create your own design on the skin with the body glue and the color throughout with glitter, it's called a freehand tattoo, and that's also possible. However, for people who may not be as creative or can't draw is to use a template a lot easier.

Is Glitter Tattoo or Ink Tattoo suitable for all skin types?

* The glue and paint is skin friendly and contains no ingredients that are harmful to the skin, also satisfies the glue and ink with all applicable legal requirements. On people with oily skin type the Glitter Tattoo or Ink Tattoo will however remain shorter. To date, we have not had people with allergic reactions, but if this does unfortunately occur, you must remove the Glitter Tattoo immediately with oil or fat cream.

What is the reason that the adhesive must be transparent before I put glitter on it?

* The adhesive only sticks to his hardest when it has become completly transparent, giving you more pleasure from your Glitter Tattoo. No excess glue thereby hangs on your brush and keep your cabinets cleaner. If you are already apply glitter when the glue is not transparent you spread the glue all over the tattoo and the tattoo will not look nice anymore.


Is Chloïs Brush on Tattoo Ink also glue for the glitter?

* No, the tattoo ink is only a varnish, the glitter remain in paste here if it is still wet, but the glitter will disappear when the paint dries, or if you come in contact with water. If you want a combination of Glitter Tattoo Ink and Tattoo, you must first set the Ink Tattoo, let this be completely dry and only then use Chloïs Body Glue and transfer over the Ink Tattoo for a extra Glitter Tattoo. on top of the ink.

Can I use multiple colors per Glitter Tattoo?

* Of course this is possible, but we recommend to align the colors together. Same colors reinforce each other. We recommend starting with the use of multiple colors at the bottom of the tattoo with glitter as they fall down. If you start this on top of the glue, the glitter will fall down on places you don't want it and you can not remove it.


How long does a Glitter Tattoo Ink Tattoo or sit average?

* The Glitter Tattoo or Tattoo Inks continues to sit for 1 to 7 days, in some cases even longer. This depends on the place of the tattoo, the skin type and the care.


How come that my Glitter Tattoo or Ink Tattoo is already off within a day or is less beautiful after a short time?

* There are cases in which the sustainability of the tattoo is very limited, among others:
 - The skin is dirty and / or fat and not properly cleaned with alcohol prior to making the Glitter Tattoo or Ink Tattoo.
 - You have an alcohol / oil-containing (fat) cream or lotion used around the Glitter Tattoo or Ink Tattoo. (For example, sunscreen or lotion)
 - The Glitter Tattoo is on a place where your clothes rub over, which damaged
- You have really sweated so the Glitter Tattoo or Ink Tattoo soaked loose.
- You have a very oily skin type, and may not properly adhere to the glue to your skin.
- You scrached at the tattoo or sanded over with a towel.

Can I take a shower, bathe or swim with a Glitter Tattoo or Ink Tattoo?

* Yes, the Glitter Tattoo just stays as long as you do not rub it with water and / or soap. With prolonged contact with water, the Glitter Tattoo is porous, so it is wise, when dry gently, patting dry the Glitter Tattoo (once) and then let air dry.

How do I remove the Glitter Tattoo or Ink Tattoo of my skin?

* The Glitter Tattoo or Ink Tattoo is easy to remove with (olive) oil or an oily cream. You can also use a lotion or alcoholic remouver. Lubricating cream or oil on the Glitter Tattoo and leave for a while. After a few minutes you can easily remove the tattoo with a cotton ball. Repeat if necessary. Absolutely not go crabbing, this will irritate your skin.


What kind of glitter is in the Glitter Tattoo and I can also use this glitter with make-up or nails?

* In the Glitter Tattoo is a polyester glitter which is also used in other cosmetic products. These glitters can also be used for face painting, makeup or nail art. However, be careful always to use the glitter around the eyes.


Can I "Christmas" or "hobby" Use glitter for the Glitter Tattoo?

* Since this type of glitter consist of glass or metal particles with a layer of color around it, we do not recommend this highly. Our glitters is absolutely no glass and no metal and are safe to use on skin.


As I myself have or want to have my company logo as a design template that can be made?

* Yes of course. Most of the images or logos, it is possible to create a template. In that case, contact us for the possibilities and a free quote. However, you should take into account that larger quantities are necessary, for only one piece or several templates per design, costs usually come out too high.


Why can I not order as a private in the shop?

* We are the manufacturer of Chloïs Glitter Tattoo and have chosen to allow the sales to our resellers. They can in their store or webshop show the products and sell direct to you. Even if you're a business and you like to offer tattoos as part of your business to your clients then please turn to our resellers. However, we are regularly in various trade fairs where you can buy it directly from us for your company or as a private individual, to generate such awareness for our product. You can find our registered resellers on the page "Where to buy"

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