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Nice set with 8 bright colors glitter. Ideal to try out the different colors of glitter or to give as a present.

8 Small containers glitter (8 x 2 ml) in the following colors: 

- Silver
- Rose
- Pink Purple
- Red Wine
- Light Blue
- Lake Blue
- Olive Green

Super quality sparkling glitter to create professional glittertattoos and nail-art. The glitter is suitable for use on body paint or face paint. However, always be careful with the use of glitter on the eyes or lips. The glitter is cut hexagon and has a size of 1/128" (0,2 mm). The glitter is made of polyester and contains no glass or heavy metals and meets all requirements for use on the body.

Glittertattoo: To make a glittertattoo you need, besides the glitter, also body glue, brushes and if required also template stencils. You can also make your tattoo looking even better by using Swarovski gemstones. A glittertattoo can remain, with proper maintenance, between 1 and 7 days on the skin.

Nail-art: For Nail-art you can mix the glitter with gel, acrylic or clear nail polish. Also, for example, you can dip a just painted nail tip into the glitter for a nice effect.

Facepaint/Bodypaint: Use your makeup the way you are used, and when it is still wet dab the glitter into the wet paint, this makes the glitter remain pretty good. If you wash away the makeup, the glitter goes off. However, we advice not to rub but quietly dabbing of the glitter. Rubbing can damage the skin by the abrasive glitter.

Makeup: When you are very careful you can use the glitter on the eyelid for making a glitter eyeliner or a complete glittery moving eyelid. In that case you use the Chloïs Mixing Liquid, just a little drop and mix the glitter with the liquid to the desired consistency. Then apply with a brush of eyeliner brush. However be very careful that the glitter doesn't come into the eye's, that may causes irritation like the feeling of sand in your eyes. In that case, rinse thoroughly with plenty of water. On the lips you can dap the glitter in the just applied lipstick, or if you want it to stay on for a longer time, glitter mixed with Chloïs Mixing Liquid.

Colors in the picture may be different from the actual colors.

Specification Description
Product number CGML
Barcode number 8718868957481
Type Glitter Basic glitter
Color Gold - Silver - Rose - Pink Purple - Red Wine - Light Blue - Lake Blue - Olive Green
Content 8 x 2 ml
Package Glitter Plastic container
Outer Package White organza bag
Sold per 1 pieces
Durability after opening at least 36 months
Features manual Yes
Languages ​​on manual NL, EN, DE, FR, ES, IT, HU, POR & RU
Ingredients Polyethylene Terephthalate, Epoxy Resin, +/- CI77000 Aluminium, CI16035 Red, CI19140 Yellow, CI42090 Blue
Warnings Do not apply on broken or irritated skin. If irritation occurs, discontinue use immediately. Not recommended to use on children under 3 years old. Use only under the supervision of or by an adult. Don't let it freeze, do not ingest, don't use near the eyes. In case of contact with the eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and contact a medical doctor at permanent irritation. Save in a cool and dark well closed original package out of the reach of children.
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